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We have seen double acts and even triple acts by actors in Tamil cinema. But it's for the first time that debutant director Pon Kumaran has attempted a story with conjoined twins, though inspired by Thai horror film Alone.

And, playing the twins, Charu and Latha, is none other than national award winning actress Priya Mani.
Download Charulatha Movie Free Charu and Latha (Priya Mani in a dual role) are Siamese twins and live with their mother (Saranya Ponvannan) in Vedaranyam. Both grow up together and Latha is always protective of Charu. Both are keen on learning violin and while attending the music class, they meet Ravi (Skandha). Charu gets attracted to Ravi and he reciprocates her feelings.

However, Latha also falls for Ravi's charm and realising that Ravi loves only Charu, trouble starts brewing between the sisters. Traumatised by Latha's behaviour, Charu demands that she be separated from her sister.

Download Charulatha Movie Full Sadly, Latha does not survive the operation. Years later, Charu who now lives in Srinagar, returns to her native place as her mother suffers a stroke. There, Latha comes back in the form of a ghost to haunt Charu. Even Ravi's attempt to help her proves futile. A twist in the tale leads to the climax.

Priya Mani appeals in her each and every frame showing variations - as the soft and timid Charu and bold and confident Latha. The dusky actress also scores in the climax. But her full potential has not been exploited because of lack of coherent screenplay. Skandha passes muster. The romance between the lead pair is uninspiring.

Paneerselvam's cinematography is just about adequate. Sundar C. Babu's background score adds to the scariness. The script had all the potential to become an engaging thriller had the director concentrated on the execution.

Based on Thai horror flick ‘Alone’, Pon Kumaran`s ‘Charulatha’ is a poorly executed film with no thrills. The film treads a cliched path with disappointing CGI, loud and jarring background score and uninspiring acting. Priyamani`s final act is the only saving grace in the entire film.

Charu and Latha, two identical conjoined twins by birth are separated by a medical surgery. In the process, Latha doesn`t make it out alive. The shock of her sister`s demise leaves Charu to live life with a feeling of guilt deep inside.

Two years later, Charu is summoned to her native place, to her house where she grew up with her sister, to attend to her ailing mother. Charu feels the presence of an unknown force in the house always watching her. It doesn`t take her much time to realise it`s her dead sister Latha, on a mission to avenge her death.

Original story by Banjong Pisanthanakun had the ability to engage and captivate the viewer, but it`s not the same in the case of `Charulatha`. Pon Kumaran gives the story much needed masala touch to suit the Indian audience, however, fails to neither scare nor entertain viewers.

The film was inundated with too many sub-plots, which in the entire running time never seem to have synced with the actual story of the movie. As the story switched back and forth between past and present, it was left to the audience to connect the dots in order to understand the film. To add to the woes, the love track between Priya and Skanda appeared contrived.

Barring the last few minutes, Priya Mani, a National award winner falls way below expectations and leaves everyone in utter disappointment. She can`t be blamed entirely, because it`s the director who is to be blamed for etching such a weak character.

Even as the Suriya-starrer Maattrraan is awaited, Charulatha directed by Pon Kumaran has hit the screens. The filmmaker, who’s previously worked with K Bhagyaraj and K S Ravikumar, has chosen to veer off the beaten path and has plumped for a thriller. Inspired by Thai film Alone, the movie has some spine-chilling moments interspersed with spirits, revenge and romance. The director has stuck to a minimal number of characters in an apparent bid to keep things simple. He has made a good attempt, but the predictable storyline is a let-down.

Priyamani, who plays the title roles and is making her way back into Kollywood after a hiatus, comes up with a stellar performance. Her presence makes even the dull moments watchable. She occupies the whole of the film and carries it entirely on her shoulders, while underlining her immense acting prowess. The others in the cast, including the protagonist Skanda, Saranya Ponvannan and Seetha add strength to the film.

The storyline goes thus: Charu and Latha (both played by Priyamani) are conjoined twins. Charu lives with a sense of guilt that her twin sister was separated from her through surgery. A few years after her sister’s death, Charu returns to her native place. There she encounters the spirit of her dead sister, who is looking to kill her. Charu is driven to the edge as she tries to save herself. Her fiance Karthik (Skanda) comes to her rescue. But he too faces Latha’s wrath. There is a twist in the tale towards the climax, which adds some interest to Charulatha.

The numerous sub-plots detract from the story and you cannot help thinking the suspense element is missing. The visual effects work though, and Sundar C Babu has come up with a score that helps the film. Charulatha is a novel attempt, but could have been executed better.

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